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Standard connector
Our cuffs love to flirt with third-party tourniquets
It's quite simple: with the standard connector!
Unsere Manschetten können dank Standard-Konnektor an alle handelsüblichen Blutsperregeräte* angeschlossen werden.

Our cuffs can be connected to all commercially available tourniquets* – thanks to the standard connector:

Standard connector is available for all disposable and multiuse cuffs
Eight different cuff sizes:
2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL. 2XL and 3XL
No adapter needed: just plug in and get started
high cuff quality of ulrich medical®

* ATS, Zimmer are registered trademarks of Zimmer, Inc. Warsaw Ind., U.S., which are registered in Germany and other countries. VBM is a registered trademark of the VBM Medizintechnik GmbH, 72172 Sulz, which are registered in Germany and other countries. Smart Pump, Stryker are registered trademarks of STRYKER Cooperation, Michigan, U.S., which are registered in Germany and other countries.

** tested

Suitable for the following tourniquets

ATS 1.500
ATS 2.000
ATS 3.000**

Tourniquet 8.000**
Tourniquet 9.000
Tourniquet 6.000**
Tourniquet 7.000,
Tourniquet 2x500 ELC
Tourniquet 2500 ELC

Smart Pump Single & Dual Channel

PTSii Single, PTSii Twin

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