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Take the tourniquet wherever you need it!

The heidi™ tourniquet is the mobile all-rounder for every conceivable use.

With the integrated rechargeable battery and compressor as well as the 2 connections, heidi™ can meet every challenge. It is flexible amongst tourniquets and optimally suitable for mounting on a mobile stand or on the surgical tower.

Two-channel blood arrest system with 2 independent displays and setting options
Integrated rechargeable battery for surgical use without power supply for up to 4 hours
Integrated high-performance compressor for active, fully independent use in the OR with minimal noise

Maximum application quality
Intuitive operation


Well-thought-out functions, for example, the automatic start of the timer and protocol printer guarantee ease of use and
maximum user-friendliness.


The tourniquet is operated using simple, easy-to-understand symbols on a touch-screen.


The unique ulrich medical® safety design contains comprehensive safety functions:

Self-test at device start-up
Automatic leak handling
Maintenance of cuff pressure in the event of loss of power

Maximum mobility
Available anywhere, at any time


An acoustic and visual display provides a warning in the event of a low battery status.


In addition to use with the rechargeable battery, the device can also be switched over intraoperatively to mains power without pressure fluctuations.

Maximum variability
2 color-coded connections for IVRA applications

Maximal safety during IVRA applications

2 color-coded connections as well as color-coordinated matching on the touch-screen; the tubing and cuffs allow simple and uncomplicated IVRA applications.


With heidi™ and sophie™, simultaneous surgery on both arms or legs or on one arm and one leg can be performed. Both pressure circuits work fully independently. The corresponding data are shown visually separated side by side.

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