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ELSA UT 1380- E
The elsa™ tourniquet can be used for all classic tourniquet applications.

An integrated rechargeable battery and compressor allow the device to be used at any time and any place.

elsa™ is the classic tourniquet and is optimally suitable for mounting on a mobile stand or on the surgical tower.

Single-channel blood-arrest system
Integrated rechargeable battery for surgical use without power supply for up to 4 hours
Integrated high-performance compressor for active, fully independent use in the OR with minimal noise

Maximum application quality
Intuitive operation


Well-thought-out functions, for example, the automatic start of the timer and protocol printer guarantee ease of use and
maximum user-friendliness.


The tourniquet is operated using simple, easy-to-understand symbols on a touch screen.


The unique ulrich medical® safety design contains comprehensive safety functions:

Self-test at device start-up
Automatic leak handling
Maintenance of cuff pressure in the event of loss of power

Maximum mobility
Available anywhere, at any time


An acoustic and visual display provides a warning in the event of a low battery status.


In addition to use with the rechargeable battery, the device can also be switched over intraoperatively to mains power without pressure fluctuations.

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